Paris Burns, but Babette Persists…

Such a sad day for Paris, for all of France, for the entire world. The Cathedral of Notre Dame has burned, the gargoyles and the world weeps.  Many love it as a religious symbol, many love it as a work of art, a piece of history, a part of culture, a thing of beauty. Who knew how much wood is used in making a stone cathedral. A lot, apparently, because the centuries old wood went up like a torch.

I know if Babette knew of this, she would be devastated.  Maybe she’d even quit running for president.

it was a total coincidence that Babette’s ‘toon should run today.

Meanwhile, over on Kickstarter, things are going fast and furry…I mean furiously! Do take a peek if you haven’t yet pledged!

Be the bear!
Bob T Panda

6 thoughts on “Paris Burns, but Babette Persists…

  1. seaglostinthesouth

    Hmm, I have always been curious as to how closely Pinky is related to Babette. Pinky sort of come down the “Shute” greatly filled and adept with pink perfection. Not to mention she truly ready for star⭐️dom at a young age. But that cannot bee 🐝 you say. Although Bee the Bear was a bit magical too, as I remember. And wasn’t there a point in Pinky’s tiny existence where the pandas at the National Zoo were not on view during her royal highness’ most tiniest of cubbergirl cuteness. Oh the mysteries that life brings to us unclebber hoo-mans. Be happy you are a Panda Bear 🐼 Bob T. Mei Xiang has always seemed a hands-on Mommee, but who knows?

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Babette has always been something as a mentor to Pinky, a state about which her mother has very mixed feelings. On the one hand, Babette has much to offer about grace under pressure, and a certain je ne c’est quois…What’s not to admire?
      and yes, Pinky had the traumatic experience of having her panda cam turned off during her tiny cubbyhood.

  2. Teresa Orozco

    Oh, Bob T., although Babette has something of evil, her elegance and her French accent make her a little adorable. She provokes contradictory feelings, but I do not know if it only happens to me. #Adorable

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      No, Babette strikes everyone that way. She is evil, yet charming, and maybe has a heart of gold. Maybe.


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