Pandas: Masters of the Pregnant Paws

**Please note: In Friday’s post, I messed up Mehitabel’s story links on Cat Stories, but now it is fixed.  You can read her story here. Or maybe the panda kindergarten is responsible for this misdeed.

The proliferation of phony panda pregnancy plots are prancing through the panda sphere.  Oh PPPah! we proclaim! These punctilious pundits are profoundly proficient in propelling poppycock pertaining to prevaricating perfidious pandas. Phooey!

Gosh, that was fun!

Everyone who knows anything about pandas, knows that not only is it notoriously difficult to get a captive panda pregnant, but also that once the deed has been done, it is impossible to tell if they actually are pregnant until the little bundle (or bundles) of joy appear. There is much real information on pseudo-pregnancy in pandas, should they care to look for it.

Of course, these journalistic faux paws make excellent fodder for panda satire, and so, we thank you for your idiotic news story. One small misstep for man, one giant leap for panda satire.

Prevaricating pandas perceived in pregnancy pastry ploy

Prevaricating pandas perceived in pregnancy pastry ploy

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Pandamorphosis is now out on iBooks and Kindle! Huzzah! You can check it out right from here! Progress is being made on Book 5 of The Panda Chronicles as is the work to make the previous books available for your Kindles, etc. Whee! Who says pandas are Luddites?

Happy Labor day to those pandanistas in the US, and to everyone else, it’s back to work with you! Tomorrow is just plain old Monday!

Be the Bear!
Bob T. Panda.

10 thoughts on “Pandas: Masters of the Pregnant Paws

  1. sparshall

    Hilarious! Are you sure you didn’t plant the phony pregnancy story yourself so you could do this cartoon? Hmmm?

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Well, I would have, if I had thought of it. I can see why you might think this, as it does have a whiff of panda satire hanging about, doesn’t it?
      BTW, I’m hoping you will write a blurb for Inspector panda’s magnum opus when I get it done, next year. :o)

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Well, we are talking about the possibility of cuppycakes, so maybe Bob COULD be pregnant. Naw…he just wanted a cuppycake.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Thanks for sharing that video. I hadn’t seen it. They were adorable as “teenagers.” As Yang Yang said in an interview, “It’s kind of embarrassing when people are watching us. I have a hard time getting in the mood.”

      I hope there are a few more blessed cubby events that come our way from Atlanta.


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