Pandas Go Viral

Editor’s Note: What makes something go viral on the internet? I don’t really know, but Bob is hoping his campaign will go viral, because otherwise, he doesn’t have a chance against Pinky.

We're waiting...*tappity tap pity tap*

We’re waiting…*tappity tappity tap*

Things have been very busy over at the Institute for Contemporary Panda Satire, these days. We are starting the production process for Book 6 of The Panda Chronicles (yay! Huzzah!!!!), still trying to get my campaign video done, getting ready for a gathering of Pandanistas at Seattle’sย Woodland Park Zoo on September 26th (9:30 AM at the main gate of the Zoo on Phinney Ave, if you are in the vicinity) Rumor has it there will be Panda Chronicle books available for purchase, or if you already have them, I’ll be thrilled to sign them! Look for people who look like they would be wearing panda hats.

I’m also over-the-moon thrilled to announce that I will be part of an SCBWI mentorship program (on the receiving end, not the mentoring end) to work on the Inspector Panda story that appeared here last year. My plan is to turn it into a middle grade graphic novel (with pandas) and start shopping it around to publishers and agents after I am done revising it. Stay tuned for news about this project.

The Cuppycake Cookbook project is still alive and well, and making the rounds of agents. We hope we will have news about this project soon, but we don’t know when. Keep your spoons and frosting ready.

Be the Bear (and keep an eye out for Pinky….I heard a rumor she has escaped her grounding and is now at large.)
Bob T. Panda

12 thoughts on “Pandas Go Viral

  1. Billie Johnson

    I am so happy for you on all the different aspects of what is happening! Can’t wait for 6th book! Love your mentorship! Love all the good stuff happening for you. But, where is Princess Pinky? Little rascal! She really is a sweet, funny, slightly dangerous little bear who needs the guidance of her aunties and unkas while her Momee is caring for the Baby Brudder.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I just started working on a new story idea for Miss Pinky, and Mama Mei has not allowed Junior to appear yet (for some reason she thinks being in a cartoon is a bad influence on her children. Personally, I don’t know where she gets these ideas.) you will be pleased to note that while this new book is NOT about Pinky per se, she appears in a very large number of them. The other pandas were beginning to protest they were not getting enough ink time.

  2. Winky Cat

    Wow, Wow, WOW, YUM, and Congratulations! Have to read up on “Inspector Panda” to get up to speed, he sounds like an interesting character.

    Wish me & Cee could be at Woodland Park on da 26th, but we have already planned to escape to South Carolina from Philly area during the World Family Meeting and Papal visit. The way the City officials & Secret Service are handling this, the animals at the Philadelphia Zoo will have more freedom than the hoomins that weekend!

    PS: Don’t worry about Pinky, Bob, she is doing great!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Thanks! We will actually have a visitor from the City of Brotherly Love for the panda fan meet up on the 26th. Guess it was a good weekend to get outta town!
      And I’m NOT worried about Pinky. i’m worried about me. My “political consultants” have been taking too many naps yo get my campaign video done. I guess I will have to withold cuppycakes of something till they get back to work.

  3. candygai

    Huzzah and Hoorah. Lots of Happy News Panda-in-Chief! Best wishes and congratulations. I expect you know my Heart and Soul, along with my very SeattleGirl Essence will be with you at that Phinney Ridge Main Entrance to the Woodland Park Zoo on September 26. It is good I am not going to be with you, I’d likely be channeling my Inner Roo and Tigger and Being Bouncy while allowing my suspected Pink Spirit Animal to take control of my manners. Be well, And enjoy,

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      We will look for your bouncy essence at the Zoo entrance on the 26th. Sorry you can’t be there, but glad you are not returning to Yakima. Sometimes it’s good not to look back. We will attempt to have fun without you. Never squash your inner tigger.


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