Pandas: Bears of Quality

Not to be confused with koala-tea (which mercifully is not strained) quality is something pandas have lots of.  They are the quintessential perfect house pet because they are so quiet. They do not quack, quibble, nor quaffle through quagmires. Rarely quarrelsome, unless they are queasy; when questioned they are quick witted.

Today is brought to you by the letter “Q”  Thanks to the folks at the A to Z! You guys are the bears. Today, we feature Mr. Wu as he goes off on a quest!  Want to read the whole Wizard of Wu saga? Get The Book of Wu or one of our other collections of The Panda Chronicles!

where happy pandas eat bamboo, oh why, oh why, can't...Wu?

where happy pandas eat bamboo, oh why, oh why, can’t…Wu?

The wicked cat of the west attacks Mr Toasty

That cat is pure evil!

Have a happy saturday everyone!

Be the Bear
Bob T. panda

12 thoughts on “Pandas: Bears of Quality

  1. djcollett

    ROFL! I love the diabolical method of it all….they should have followed the Zoo Map, but they didn’t so now our intrepid travelers are at the cat’s mercy…

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Thank you, thank you. It was hard to think of something other than pandas…oh wait, I NEVER think about something other than pandas, but it’s true, the day of “P” was quite exciting! Likewise, leaving Murano must have been sad, but of course next week, you can have “Venice” Huzzah!


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