Pandarella 12: Our Story Continues in a Slightly Less Scary Way

I told you things were going to start turning around soon! You wouldn’t want me to just skip to the easy parts, would you?

Now the POOF is about to hit the fan! Never underestimate the power of Art. (Or the power of a magical wand!)

Be the Bear!
Bob T I do believe in magic Panda

8 thoughts on “Pandarella 12: Our Story Continues in a Slightly Less Scary Way

  1. Jeannie Meyer

    This is so beautiful! I love that you’re using Bikkie’s love of art and use of creative media as tools to his joy and happiness. I can already picture this carriage coming to life. I agree that there is finally some hope.

    Let the poofing commence!

  2. Jeannie Meyer

    Btw I’m way over analyzing your art, but isn’t Pookie the carriage driver? That must be because poor Mehitabel got stuck with the twins.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Bikkie drew who he wanted to be the carriage driver. And yes Mehitabel got stuck with the twins and Babette, but I bet she hit every bump in the road on the way to the Pandapalooza.


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