Literature of the Panda: From Fabulous Furry Friday

Pandas have long had a presence in literature. The prestigious BamBooker Prize in panda literature is one of the coveted awards by the panda literary establishment.  (I bet you didn’t know there was a panda literary establishment, did you?)

While panda literature has often been overlooked by the world at large (read: overbearing cats), it is, in fact, one of the most loved genres in many parts of the globe. From autobiographical works, to novels, and poetry, pandas are on the forefront of creative writing. Or was that “creative accounting”? Well, no matter, today, Fabulous Furry Friday celebrates,

The Literature of the Panda!

More literature of the panda!

Bob’s well received autobiography

It all started here.....

It all started here…..

What do you mean by "was?"

What do you mean by “was?”

The Life of PIE....get it? *chortle chortle*

The Life of PIE….get it? *chortle chortle*

panda poetry slam

The cake abides….

Editors note: And of course, since this month is Pandamorphosis launch month (the real one, not Bob’s version of it) I had to stick in another plug for Pandamorphosis. You can find it on Amazon, or if you happen to live on Whidbey Island, Moonraker Books has copies in stock! (yay! Independent Book Stores!)



Well, that’s all from Fabulous Furry Friday! Keep Being the Bear, Panda On, and Pass the Cuppycakes!

Bob T. Panda

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