It’s Sargent Panda’s Happy Panda Band….

It was 40 years ago today,

Richard Nixon brought the bears to stay,

So let me introduce to you,

the one and only Bobby T….

Sargent Panda’s Happy Panda Band!


What would I do, if  I ran out of boo’,

Would I have to have a cuppycake?

Sorry, I didn't have a photo of Abbey Road.....

OK, I got it out of my system now….

And a quick note of complete self involvement here,  I’m about to reach 25,000 visits to The Panda Chronicles, and I couldn’t have done it without YOU, the panda satire fans around the world!  So huzzah!  (well, maybe I could have done it, but my guess is that I would have to spend all my time visiting this blog from a lot of different computers.)  Thanks for stopping by to play with the pandas!

And on to further panda business (that’s sort of like monkey business, except for it’s pandas instead of monkeys)  I’ve finished my revisions for Pandamorphosis and am ready to start sending it out again to publishers. Here’s one of the new drawings:

from Pandamorphosis//copyright 2012// A. Belov

Till next time,

Be the Bear!



2 thoughts on “It’s Sargent Panda’s Happy Panda Band….

    1. Bob T Panda

      Huzzah! I’m really hoping to get it going this fall. There is the little matter of Italy and a whole bunch of lithos to do first, but then it’s all pandas ahead! Huzzah!


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