It’s a Beautiful Tail!

You knew it would come to this. Following the scripts of the various debates that we have been bludgeoned with, politicians trading insults…Liars lying about previous lies, BEARS BEHAVING BADLY!!!!! Is this the panda kindergarten? A Beautiful Tail? Looks a little short to me.

"This is not a loser tail!!!!!"

“This is not a loser tail!!!!!”

Are Bob and Pinky reaching a new consensus? Could Bob be inspired to concede and get behind Pinky’s candidacy? Stay tuned! anything can happen where pandas are involved.

Daddy Panda News for Father’s Day

Meanwhile among real pandas and the people who love them, we have just learned sad news from San Diego Zoo. The rock star, stud muffin wild guy panda with one short ear and extra furry feet, father of five fabulous cubbies here at SDZ, Gao Gao, has been diagnosed with a very bad heart condition. They think he is around 26. Being wild born, they don’t know his exact age. He has been in somewhat compromised health for a few years now and they have been monitoring his heart condition carefully. We don’t know how long he has left, but I can assure you that the veterinary staff at SDZ is doing everything they can do for him.

Gao Gao has an interesting story of how he came to live at the San Diego Zoo. As a two year old, he was found injured and brought to one of the panda research centers to be treated. After he healed, he was released. But finding that being fed and waited upon was far superior to having to fight for territory and scarce resources, he returned to the center and asked to be readmitted. Eventually, he went to live in San Diego with the Beautiful Bai Yun and together they had five cubs, the last of which is Xiao Liwu, known to his friends and fans as Mr. Wu.

A panda fun fact about Gao Gao is that he has one short ear, most likely the result of a fight when he was a wild cub fending for himself. It is the reason my cartoon version of Mr. Wu always has his left ear taped down! It is a tribute to his dad!

I know many people who have not been to a zoo in over 30 years have an antiquated and unfortunate preconception about zoos. yes, there are still some of those horrible zoos with too small cages and depressed animals, but most zoos in North America, Japan, and Europe have taken huge strides in providing comfort and engagement for their animals, and San Diego Zoo is one of the best. Yes, it would be wonderful if panda’s traditional roaming areas were still intact, but the virgin forested areas where they once roamed are reduced to a tiny percentage of what they once were. But the pandas that live in these well staffed and well appointed zoos live the life of Riley (whoever he is) and generally live 10 to 15 years longer than their wild counterparts.

Happy Fathers Day to those who celebrate their relationship with their dads as something wonderful and nurturing. and for those who don’t…well…go have a cuppycake or two and think about someone who loved you.

Be the Bear
Bob T. panda

22 thoughts on “It’s a Beautiful Tail!

  1. BJBoyd

    You are the bear! I love this episode, and I love your commentary following. Thank you so much for sharing your gift and creativity with all of us.

  2. Gina Koo

    Could it be that Bob and Pinky are teaming up to overthrow a particular candidate who shall remain unnamed?! What will become of their presidential feud? Maybe Bob will decide to step down and sign on as Pinky’s right-paw panda.
    Thank you for the mention of Gao Gao. The news of his failing health broke my heart. What will Bai Yun do without her love? 🙁

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      It could be. Perhaps Pinky is wearing bob down, and he would accept a cabinet post. We shall see.

      The news about Gao Gao was not totally unexpected, but sad nonetheless. It could get kind of sad in SDZ without him. On the other hand, he could live several more years with the excellent care he gets there. He has already lived far longer than he would have as a wild panda.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Pinky has done her research on “the issues.” I don’t think Bob has the killer instinct for a life in politics.

  3. Diana Sutton

    This is really getting to be fun for you, huh Bob?! The one with short tail is just too easy to poke fun at!!!
    Liking the fact that Pinky and Bob are in the same corner. Interested in seeing where that may go.
    Lovely write up about Daddy Gao. He is such a sweet, old bear. Love him lots. And I was happy to read the part about addressing zoos and the public opinion of them. Some people have not been in ages and do not realize the changes that have been made. Even very small local zoos have changed their whole concept to open, large areas with NO bars or cages.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I can’t tell you how many “discussions” I have gotten into with people who haven’t been to a zoo for years.
      I’m so happy I got to see GG this spring. It was totally worth it.

      It has been a lot of fun pitting Pinky against Mittens. Wednesday’s ‘toon will be fun too.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I can’t remember when we have had a presidential candidate as odious as this one. There have been any number that I disagreed with. This is the first time I have been afraid. But fun to imagine Pinky getting the better of him.

  4. Dianna Van buren

    Well said Bob T Panda.. well said… We hope that King Gao Gao stays with us a few more years. The world is just not right without him…


    Short tails (luv it) Can’t Pinky wave her wand & just rid of the obnoxious, terrifying & other adjectives used to describe Trump.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I can only hope so. He gets scarier every day. Mittens, I mean, in case anyone’s lawyers are listening.


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