Introducing…Ruth Panda Ginsbear

I’ve been having so much fun making Felty pandas, which has the added benefit of keeping me off the streets and out of the bars. Not that I usually go to bars, but you know what I mean. Anyway, one of the Friends of the Felty Pandas (or FFPs for short) said, you really should make a Ruth Bader Ginsberg panda. I thought about it for a while, till I figured out how I could make her glasses and robe, with as little sewing as possible, and finally came of with:

The Notorious RPG :Soon to be available as a felty panda!

Of course, then she wanted to be in a cartoon, so…

Meet Ruth Panda Ginsbear

We will persist!

Panda on Friends
Bob T Panda FFP

8 thoughts on “Introducing…Ruth Panda Ginsbear

  1. bankypig

    Indeed we will persist! I LOVE your new addition to the group! The human form (RBG) has been an inspiration to a lot of young girls…and to some of us older women too

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I just saw the movie about her a few weeks ago. Very inspiring to me too! Talk about persisting. I have a long diatribe in my head about Elizabeth Warren. Maybe one of these days I’ll right it down, though it my scorch my keyboard. Until then, I will panda on…

  2. Debbi Zolman

    RPG – someone for Pinky to look up to! I’m sure RPG will be added to my collection at some point. Huzzah!


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