If You Think YOU’VE Been Roughing It, There Was Only ONE Olive in My Martini!

While we try to distract ourselves from the latest crime spree in the White House, let’s re-join Frank and Mikey as they explore the wild frontier in Yosemite National Park! Due to the reduced services, they could not get room service at The Ahwahnee Hotel! Oh the deprivation! No wonder animals are going wild!

(For what it’s worth, when I visited Yosemite a few years ago, our budget did not extend to staying at the Ahwahnee, but we did enjoy a drink at the bar, then watched outside as the moon rose over Half Dome.)

Meanwhile, Frank and Mikey adjust to the harsh realities of the wilderness experience!

Wild thing, I think I love you!

Run wild, run free, Frank and Mikey!

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

2 thoughts on “If You Think YOU’VE Been Roughing It, There Was Only ONE Olive in My Martini!

  1. billieandhersite

    I love Frank and Mikey in the great outdoors, braving the ice (martinis) and green thingies(olives) which they are fending off with great success! Their bravery of listening to Wild Thing knows no bounds! Imagine what terror their minds are going through as they slosh through the day! Will night bring them shelter from the furious ice storms raging in their glasses? Will they be able to trudge on as they gather important news? Will the vodka last?!?
    Will they change to Dirty martinis when the olives run out? How sober are they at his point? Are they still conscious? Stay tuned!


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