Fabulous Furry Friday Presents…

…The Wonderful World of Wu!

Yes, while Pinky tries very hard to have EVERY ‘toon and post be about her, there ARE other pandas out there! (Pinky: dat is just not true, unka bob!) So for today’s encore presentation, let’s look back at some of Mr. Wu’s feature ‘toons, beloved last son of Bai Yun and Gao Gao, from sunny PanDiego!

“Howdy do! I’m Mr. Wu! Who are you?”

And I bet you are happy to see that Little Mr. Wu is safe and sound!

“Wu calls his dance, ‘Ode to a Weaf’ “

Yo ho ho and a bottle of BooBeer!

And, of course my favorite Wu-toon, EVER….

Mr Wu speaks out!

And remember, a day without the adorable Wu Self is a day without sunshine! Hope your Friday is Fabulously Furry!

Viva Le WU!
Bob T Panda

4 thoughts on “Fabulous Furry Friday Presents…

  1. MaryLou

    Mr Wu for Pwesident!!!!!
    (Has to be better than Donnie Dough-head!!!!)
    Thank you Anne for making Fridays Fabulous!!!!

  2. billieandhersite

    I love the Wu Self! What a cutie! And I love your ‘turpretations of Wu’s artistic achievements. When he was a wee cub, his nannies and doctors loved him , too. One of the best videos ever is the one of his weekly physical exams. He was in panda bliss because of their sweet treatment of him!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      The Wu Self was so adorable. He was the most adorable cubbie, and he still is now. He is going to make some young panda lady a wonderful partner.


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