Fabulous Furry Friday!

Fabulous Furry Friday brings you more encore presentations from the Panda Season of Love! We are working on some stories in this rich and extensive vein of pure panda gold, but in the meantime, here are some of our favorites from the past!

We would like to alert you to some recent stories and articles about the …um…romantic life of pandas. First, the news of 23 year old Bai Yun reigniting the flames of love in hopes of bringing a seventh cub into the world hit the internet this week. Unfortunately, her resident stud muffin was not quite up to the job, as he has had some um…health issues of late. not that he wasn’t willing, mind you.

And for those of you who may be saying Bai Yun deserves to retire from being a cubby producing machine, let me remind you, we are not talking about an irresponsible couple of teenagers in the backseat of a car. There are veterinarians, panda researchers, and Chinese panda experts who all had to sign off on this venture before they could proceed. If Bai Yun succeeds in having a cub this year, she will be the oldest panda mom on record to do so. They know what they are doing and so does Bai Yun. Nuff said.

Now, shall we quit being serious and get back to making fun of pandas?

It was dark...there were men in masks....

It was dark…there were men in masks….

Did you HAVE to mention that?

Did you HAVE to mention that? Thanks for the New Yorker Article!

Will we ever hear the pitter patter of little paws in Scotland?

Will we ever hear the pitter patter of little paws in Scotland?

Um...pass the beer and poutine, please!

Um…pass the beer and poutine, please!

Have we embarrassed pandas enough? NO! If it isn’t bad enough cartoonists are making fun of pandas, how about having to be compared to wild pandas by noted science writer and esteemed pandologist, Henry Nicholls?

Whatever will the pandas standing around the water cooler say about that?

By the way, Did you know tomorrow is National Corn Dog Day? No, me neither. Do with this information what you will.

Be the Bear,
Bob T. Panda

6 thoughts on “Fabulous Furry Friday!

  1. Anna

    Ah, the panda season of love, where Mehitabel gets to make fun of boy pandas….

    Can’t wait for the reactions of big siblings this year… or the meltdowns that come from being upstaged

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Yes indeed, I don’t think that Pinky or the Meihems have truly grasped the implications of the panda season of love, vis-a-vis the sibling implications. Mr. Wu, of course, is chuckling into his paw, and relishing the look on Pinky’s face when she realizes what will happen in a few months time.


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