Fabulous, Furry, and Friday

What could be better? For those of you who are new in these here parts, Friday is the day we…um…relax a little bit and present a few pages from our vast archives of panda satire. But hmmmm…what to post, what to post…..?

Because I'm thinking about cupcakes.....

Because I’m thinking about cupcakes…..

...because Babette hasn't appeared lately

…because Babette hasn’t appeared lately

because...misery bear!!!!!

because…misery bear!!!!!

Friday is also the day we take the opportunity to remind you that you can have pandas at home…well, not real pandas of course, but the pandas of The Panda Chronicles are ready to step off the screen and into a book that you can hold in your very hands, and your purchase helps to support the art of Panda Satire. Huzzah for you!

For fans of Pandamorphosis, I’d like to remind you that you can find prints of some of the drawings from the book over at The Gratitude gallery of Fine Balance Imaging.

Who could resist pandas in the refrigerator?

Who could resist pandas in the refrigerator?

Till next week,

Be the Bear
Bob T. Panda

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