Day 26: 31 Days of Pandas Continues

So did Santa bring you everything you wanted?

No, me neither. But right around the corner is a brand new year, all shiny and untouched by tragedy and meanness. A new year full of hope and possibility.

I had hoped to have some early sketches of my new work in progress, but I am not that far along yet. You can be sure that when I get there, I will be sharing it right here!

On January 3rd, I will go back to my regular schedule, so no more pandas every day, (boo! hiss!) BUT, two new ‘toons per week, plus encore presentations for Fabulous Furry Fridays (yay! Huzzah!) There’s something to be said for that, right?

So sit back and have some leftover fruitcake and get ready to sing along as 31 Days of Pandas brings you day 6 of the 12 Days of Crispmoss!

Oh…could you not sing while eating leftover fruitcake? Especially not with your computer’s webcam turned on… Ick!

HOW many more days are there?

HOW many more days are there?


Are you singing?

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for a brand new cartoon, starring all of your favorite pandas!  While this will be the last NEW ‘toon of the year,  I am already hard at work writing and drawing new cartoons starring all of you favorite pandas!  I hope I will see you all then!

Be the Bear,
Bob T Panda

4 thoughts on “Day 26: 31 Days of Pandas Continues

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Yes I have, and next year looks even busier if possible! More pandas for all of us is my motto for 2016, and maybe even pandas for Washington State! Thanks for joining me here! Panda on!


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