Day 16: Don’t leave the newest Atlanta Belles out of the fashion parade!

Oh dear, new wardrobes, new names, what’s a panda to do?  Lun Lun claims that she knew all along, and I, for one believe her. (Never argue with a full grown mama panda!)

Editor’s Note: after consultation with several fans and noted pandologists, it has been determined that changing the twinkies on screen names here could cause grave psychological damage to their personalities. Therefore, since Bert and Ernie could be nicknames for Roberta and Ernestine, I have decided to let their cartoon identities stand.  Plus then I don’t have to go in and change their names on the paper dolls. Just ignore the monograms on todays uniforms. These were hand me downs from older pandas. (Why changing their name would be more traumatic than changing their gender, is a mystery for the pandologists.)

“I couldn’t understand why those silly humans didn’t see it all along,” said Lun Lun in a recent ZooNooz interview. “Anyone could see how my sweet Po had my beautiful fluffy cheeks! The twins are too young to be traumatized by the misidentification, but I worry about my darling Po in her new life in China.  Some girls can be so mean.”

downloadable paper panda upgrade

downloadable paper panda upgrade

school uniforms for pandas

Ready for panda kindergarten!

Stay tuned for future panda satire on the subject of incorrect gender identification amongst pandas! Fun!

Meanwhile, may we make a helpful suggestion to aid your holiday shopping? The Panda Chronicle’s three books are all available on Amazon (not to mention Moonraker Books in Langley!) Huzzah!

Back to the drawing board! Panda satire waits for no bear.

Be the Bear
Bob T. Panda


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