Day 15: 31 Days of Pandas

It is the Ides of December. Not a good thing in March, and doubly worse in December, as we move towards the Solstice and the darkest day of the year. (One could make the argument that November 8th was the darkest day of…um….the century, but I digress.) But we are just about half-way through 31 Days of Pandas! Tomorrow we will rejoin our holiday classic, It’s a WUnderful Life! Huzzah! But now, we join Mini Bob as he takes a quiet moment to contemplate a card sent by his good friend, the Emperor Pew Panda.

What does that card say, huh, Petit Robear?


Mini Bob enjoys a quiet moment of reflection.

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Panda On!
Bob T Panda

2 thoughts on “Day 15: 31 Days of Pandas

  1. Cameron Cat

    Knowing the Emperor Pew as I do (close panda friend and all that…), I am certain that the content of the card is merely a quite proper, friendly chat with absolutely no impropriety or mischief to be had. No, I mean it — none at all. Really. They wouldn’t…I mean, pandas never cause trouble, right? Heh!

    And, one might ask, how did your wee companion receive the card in London?

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I must confess, this card arrived once we were home from London. I’m sure The Emperor and Mini Bob are not, say, indulging in a conspiracy to, for instance, teach Babette a lesson in how to treat her suitors. I’m sure that would never happen. No bad pandas, as the saying goes. I’m sure they were also not planning any sort of civic protest against he Who Must Not Be Named.


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