Day 10, 31 Days of Pandas

Rather than start another one of my longer stories today, I thought I’d dive deep deep deep into the archives for one of my …um…quirkier stories. What made me think of this story was a post from Colorado writer Kathy Lynn Harris, who I discovered through The Write Life Magazine. She had written an essay there that made me an instant fan. The story also, just possibly made me spew coffee all over my laptop, since I had the bad sense to drink while reading. Not that I blame her, or anything.

Anyway, a recent re-read of this post made me decide to dig my own tribute to Barbie out of the archives and share it with you here.

Enjoy! This one’s for you, Kathy.

Boopie and the pandas...

Boopie and the pandas…

a morality tale...

a morality tale…

Remember to tag your luggage!

…in five parts… several parts...

…which become progressively more disturbing…

...but Boopie and the pandas live happily ever after. Ben does not.

…but Boopie and the pandas live happily ever after. Ben does not.

*The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Be the Bear!
Bob T. Panda

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