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The countdown has begun!

Oh my!

Last night, as I woke up at 4:darkhundred, the sky cleared for a little while, and the moon shone brightly through the trees.  I’m pretty sure it is a sign!

what would YOU wish for?

Is it a sign of good things to come?

There is only about 30 minutes until I kick-off my Kickstarter to fund the publication of Pandamorphosis.  I will do the countdown over at my page on Facebook  (known to pandas everywhere as Fezbook) and on twidder. My twidder name is @pandachronicle and you can look for the hashtag #Pandamorphosis, if you’re into such things.

If you are imaptient to get the link, which I won’t have till I launch, you can search for: Pandamorphosis: A fable of magic wishes, cats, and pandas

I’ll be back here later today with a new cartoon.  I apologize in advance for posting twice in one day, but Princess Pinky told me she wanted her OWN post, and didn’t want to share it with any pandas who were, um..not her.

The minutes till blast off are ticking down!

Be the (excited) Bear
Bob T. Panda

It is Kickstarter eve!

Oh my! It’s kind of like birthday eve and Christmas eve all rolled into one.  You never really know how a Kickstarter campaign is going to go till you are actually in the middle of it,  but I have been working on this book for so long, and have  had so many enthusiastic comments about it, that I believe that you all are going to sweep me off my fuzzy feet.   (You do celebrate your birthday eve, don’t you?)


Here’s another of my favorite drawings, of the cat telling the stuffed panda just what is what, and who is the boss and the most loved around here.

cat and panda

“I am the favorite around here and don’t you forget it!”

I have apparently messed up the link for the preview of the Kickstarter project in the email I sent out earlier today, but I think I will ask you to go with the excitement of anticipation a bit longer. I will post the link to the live project here and other places as well!

Tomorrow at Noon PST I will let loose the bears on an unsuspecting world. Be ready.

Be the bears!
Bob T. Panda

Getting ready for Pandamorphosis! Huzzah!

Just a quick note to remind you that my Kickstarter project launch will come sometime later this week.  I’m starting to add book images to The Pandamorphosis Project Page (you can get to it by clicking on the link above) and I will feature the “daily artwork rewards” here with links to the Kickstarter project, for those of you who are so inclined.

Here is one of my all time favorite drawings from the book:

pandamorphosis illustration

Don’t you just hate it when your refrigerator is infested by…pandas?

Is it time for cake?
Stay tuned and Be the Bear!
Bob T. Panda

Pinky has a problem….

…with the results from the recent Giant Panda Zoo Awards.  Now, we’ve tried to reason with Princess Pinky, but she is completely inconsolable that she did not win the cubby of the year award.

“Doesn’t being a princess count for anyting?” she wails.

Bao Bao is unhappy

Could Mama Mei Xiang really be contemplating letting Pinky loose on the pandy kindy?

Meanwhile, Pandamorphosis plans are moving ahead, as I gather my wits and my materials to launch a Kickstarter project to take Pandamorphosis from random scattered drawings in my file drawer to the printed page.  Mark February 12th on your calendar, as that is my anticipated launch date.  Here is another of my favorite drawings from the book to whet your appetite for all things panda(morphosis):

An unexpected transformation!

An unexpected transformation!

I’ve been working on my list of rewards to entice you to support my quest to publish Pandamorphosis, including some of the original art! There is definitely a part of me that wants to keep all the drawings for myself, but in my long life as an artist, I’ve learned that I am happiest when my creations go out into the world to bring enjoyment to others.

If you are already on my mailing list, you will be receiving an update next week (OK, now I DO have to write it) and if you’re not, there’s still time to sign up for my mostly monthly newsletter.  Just go to the second form at the top of the right-hand column, that says, “Get even more pandas” and add your email address.  Mailchimp will take you through the sign-up process, and you can unsubscribe easily at any time.

Be the Bear and Happy Groundhogs Day.
Bob T. Panda