Behind the scenes, a bit late

It does seem that I am running double speed and still staying behind the times, behind the curve, behind the eight-ball. So, you will forgive me (I hope!) that I share this little behind the scenes look a bit late, at Bubba’s Birthday Eve! I am happy to report that he did not flunk cake this year (huzzah!) but he MIGHT have, if he did not have a little help getting to his birthday bash on time!

Better safe than sorry, when it comes to your Birthday party, Bubba!

It does not pay to be late! You don’t want to flunk cake again, do you, Boo Boo?

Be the Bear!
Bob T I never flunk cake Panda

8 thoughts on “Behind the scenes, a bit late

  1. billieandhersite

    Bubba did not flunk cake this year! He was on top of the situation, er, Cake from the get go! He was not sleepy, and he enjoyed every bite!
    Such a sweet little bear with his buddy, Ping! And Pinky made sure he did not sleep through it! This is so cute! Love Bubba!

  2. Aimee W

    Sigh. I will miss watching that beautiful boy so much. He is the one who helped bring me out of the depths of grief and sorrow after I lost my Tsuki. For the first year of his life i watched him for hours at a time (Bao Bao too when they had the cams on her 🙂 ). And now the state of the world is so depressing that I don’t know how I will be able to cope without our fabulous Bei. Sorry to be a downer… I woke up really depressed today. Must be because HWMNBN was in town yesterday and last night.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I know. I hate to think of him going too. I am comforted by knowing that the pandas do get good care when the go to China. I thought of you when I heard the evil one was going to be in your airspace. A bit like Darth Vader or HWMNBN being in your airspace. An evil chill settles over the vicinity. I’ll see what I can do to provide some pandish distractions so you can clear your head and sinuses. Maybe a bit of smudging with sage might be called for.

  3. kodechrome

    1. I love Pinky being supportive while also just a liiiiitle mischevious
    2. I love the idea of the behind-the-scenes lives of our pandas
    3. I super love that Ping loves his costume so much

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Pinky appreciates that you noticed that she was being helpful, (“seeee, Mommee? pinky IS helpful” MX: “sigh…”)
      Ping really does love his costume! Thanks for checking in!
      #PinkyIsAStar #ClapLouder


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