Babette! The First Girlfriend Speaks!

What is a presidential campaign without a convention or two, and what is a convention without speeches?  A lot shorter and a lot …oh..all right. I’ll let Babette speak.


Of course, there will be small pandas in attendance.

Babette has…toned her wardrobe down in honor of this important occasion.

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda

7 thoughts on “Babette! The First Girlfriend Speaks!

  1. grammmie

    I have not yet let you know about the stories I told you about, and the pillbox hat reminded me. I see with her french background that she is channeling Jackie Kennedy. I would vote for Babette for first girlfriend, but being a Canadian Citizen I am not allowed to vote. That also means that I do not get to complain about the outcome. Love Grammmie

      1. grammmie

        But I do not think it is right for those who don’t vote to get to bitch about the outcome of an election. I might not be happy about the outcome, but the rest of the world should not have to listen to me bitch about it.

        1. Bob T Panda

          this is true, but there is adifference between being to lazy to register and/or vote when you are entitled to, and being an interested commenter from a other country. for the record, I ready voted but i ain’t telling you for whom.

          1. grammmie

            If Bob T. Panda does not have enough faith in himsedlf to vote for himself why should anybody else?????

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