As a former Pennsylvanian, I am required by law…

…to celebrate Groundhogs Day!

In light of that fact (because we here at The Institute for Contemporary Panda Satire know that NO ONE is above the law), we present to you, the first appearance in these ‘toons, of the one, the only, Punxutawney Phil!!!

Please hold your applause!

Phil is kind of excitable, isn’t he?

I’ve noticed that many of the smaller guest animals here are rather feisty! 

Be the bear everyone!
Bob T Panda

8 thoughts on “As a former Pennsylvanian, I am required by law…

  1. Vicky V

    I Iove Punxutawney Phil and am fascinated with the Groundhog Day legend! I’m so happy that Phil is keeping Australia in his thoughts and is as angry at global warming as I am. Plus he is so cute – especially when he’s angry. 🙂

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Angry small animals are just so adorable! Yes, he is keeping Australia in his thoughts, and I am too. Meanwhile HWMNBN is metaphorically burning the constitution and the rule of law to the ground.

  2. bankypig

    As for the feistiness of the smaller critters…it doesn’t matter the size of the critter, it’s how large the fight INSIDE the critter is that matters. And all critters are riled up at how utterly STUPID humans are when it comes to saving our planet. But then there are those of us who believe in global warming and are doing what we can to help save this planet. Let’s hope we can get more humans to listen.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      And anyone who says the current coronavirus crisis is not connected to climate change needs their head examined.
      Thanks for checking in and stay safe.


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