Another boring repeat!

Yeah, yeah, I know, this is from the FALL equinox, but really, the equinox thing…it’s really the same, except that the days are getting longer instead of shorter.  Alright…it’s not exactly the same, in fact, it’s completely different, but that does not matter!

spring back...fall's so confusing!


What’s important is that I can re-run this cartoon so that I can draw some new cartoons to bring you next week, and not have to work ALL day on saturday.

Don’t forget to turn your clocks… it forward?  I’ll find out if I’m late for yoga tomorrow.

Be the Bear!!

Bob T. Panda

PS…Did anyone hear about the cuppycake ATM on “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” this morning?  Huzzah! cuppycakes make National Panda Radio!

2 thoughts on “Another boring repeat!

  1. Linda McCoy

    It looks like the Panda kindergarten understands it about as well as I do. I hate changing my clocks. Those little winder thingys are so hard to turn with my big paws.

    1. The Froggwellian

      I know..and it is SO confusing. if the clock is ahead is it later or earlier? And definitely the paw thing is a big obstacle. And how did I end up with so many clocks in my house…er… den?


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