An extra new Year’s Message from The Panda Chronicles…

It has been an amazing year here in pandyland, as I look back on the trials and tribulations, the frolicking and fun, getting to meet some of you in “Tai-land” and looking forward to meeting more of you this spring at the home of Wu, I sit and watch in wonder at it all.

When I started drawing pandas I had no idea where they were going, and no idea that it would continue this long: five years since I started finding pandas on stray pieces of paper in my studio, 4 years since I started the blog, and the last year has accounted for 72% of the traffic here at The Panda Chronicles (thanks to to record keeping software of the folks at WordPress.)  This January also marks another milestone for me…25 years of being totally self employed and supported by my art work.  The last 4 years have not been exactly pain free, economics wise. Some of the galleries where I show my work have closed, some have “reduced their stable,” one just quit paying their artists.(I left that one)  But pandas, while they are not exactly “self-supporting” yet, have lifted my spirits, both as I draw them and more importantly, as you read them.  A work of art, a piece of writing, a foozle* of panda satire, does not really exist until someone other than the person that created it, enjoys it.

Thank you for making my work here live.  You are the bears!

And now, my favorite new year’s eve with the pandy kindy cartoon!

new years eve party, panda kindergarten

The panda kindergarten wishes you a happy New Year!

*foozle:  a selection of panda cartoons.

Be the Bear!

Bob T. panda

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