A Day for Thanks, Another episode of Beary Poppins!

Today is a national holiday. I  hope you have resisted the siren song to gather with friends and family far and wide, because more than any time during this pandemic, it is not safe to do so. I just learned of another friend to pandas who has contracted COVID-19 and I really don’t want anyone else to get it.

It is just. not. safe.

But with all that, I am thankful for so many things. 

I am thankful that neither I, nor anyone in my closest circles have become ill.
Of those friends and acquaintances who have contracted COVID 19, I am thankful you are recovering, and my deepest hope is that you recover completely.
I am thankful for those of you who read my ‘toons.
I am thankful when you tell me something I have written has touched your heart.
I am thankful that so many of you have chosen to support my various Kickstarter projects, and especially my felty panda project! it continues to give me great joy and comfort through these hard and increasingly desperate times.
I am thankful that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be our leaders in the new year. With every announcement of  cabinet picks, I am reminded of how far we have fallen, and how gradual and yet all at once, what we once took for granted crumbled before our eyes.

I am thankful for the realization that even if I can’t gather with friends today, that I can skip the turkey and gravy and just eat an entire pie by myself, which follows a dinner of stuffing and cranberry relish.

I am thankful that we have a new baby cubby in DC and like the little miracle that he is, was named Xiao Qi Ji, as such.

And now, let us be thankful for large, soft bears, with stories to tell, and small bears to hear them.

Once upon a time…

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

Last Supper, Cupcakes, DaVinci

Princess Pinky says, she is thankful for cuppycakes and da panda kindygarten and her magical wand!

Hey I just got word of a site wide 20% of sale over at Abundant Earth Fiber! Friday 11/27 ~ Monday 11/30

As you may know, this is where I get the majority of my wool fibers to make my felties, and it is beautiful stuff. They mill all of the fibers and yarn they sell, as well as do the dyeing in beautiful, rich, earthy colors. Not only do they make beautiful yarn, they are lovely, kind people. Since closing their retail location, they have been including US shipping at no additional cost to you. For the yarn lover in your life, this is a great opportunity to support a wonderful small business and get some great yarn at a great price!

Shop starting Friday 11/27 trough Monday 11/30 2020! 

10 thoughts on “A Day for Thanks, Another episode of Beary Poppins!

  1. bankypig

    I am very thankful for your ‘toons. They make me smile, giggle, sometimes snort and many times, laugh out loud! Today’s ‘toon final panel was so sweet…our sweet little Biscut asking “Mr Poppee” to read a story. ..

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      And I for you! Stay safe! I think there is still peril ahead before we have evaded the current mess we are in.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I always think I’m going to like pumpkin pie, but really, a piece of it once a year is more than plenty. I’m more of a fruit pie fan: cherry, blackberry, rhubarb, and apple, not necessarily in that order.

  2. Teresa

    oh, Bob T., how ideal!!! lil’ Biscuit with a book drawn by such a special illustrator!! what a detail having Liz Climo in the Chronicles #UNRESISDABEL

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      It’s always fun to sneak in one of my influences and funny animal icons. I need to sneak in a Sandra Boynton reference. She has been a fave from before I even knew I would draw cartoons.


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