30 days- 30 Pandas…day 2

I have to admit I get this little thrill when my days visitors edge (or zoom) past 24.  Thanks to all the new subscribers, past subscribers, current subscribers…

Mehitabel:  “Would you please just shut up and put another post up?”  OK, OK….

Here is day 2 of 30 days – 30 pandas.  It’s fun so far!

So, just to set everyone’s mind at ease, the panda on the lower right has a bottle of Bamboo Soda, and not a beer!  This is after all Po’s panda kindergarten classmates who are throwing a party in honor of his birthday.  The panda kindergarten is naughty enough without being drunk besides!

I was recently reading a new-ish book by one of my major influences in the humor genre.  I am of course, referring to Dave Barry.  That’s DAVE BARRY for all you search engines out there.  Heck he’s famous…he could spare a few readers who accidentally come here instead of DAVE BARRY’S website.  He is one of the few humor writers that no matter how many times I read his essays, I laugh so hard stuff shoots out my nose.  It is for this reason that I could never read his work on line, as I don’t want to ruin my computer keyboard.  When I used to fax my cartoons to my local picture framing shop, (note: this was before I had a blog or even a computer, and I had to follow all my friends around with large stacks of cartoons and demand that they read them before I would let them go about their day) my favorite story was when Catherine (my framer with the fax machine) told me milk squirted out her nose because she laughed so hard when she read one of my cartoons.  To quote DAVE BARRY, “I am not making this up.”  Sometime after that, they got rid of their fax machine (coincidence? You be the judge…) so I had to get a computer and start this blog.

Miss Demure Restraint was obviously paying attention and reading the entire post, ahem….not mentioning any names here…and noticed that in the section on 7 facts my readers may not know about me, I revealed that I am :

a) not a panda


b) not a boy panda

While technically these things are true, I hope you all will continue to indulge me as I write with the voice of my inner panda, who happens to be named “Bob”.  I don’t know how this happened. It just did, so let’s just go with that.  Besides, if a person says something that’s mean or kind of snotty or insulting, it is seen by some people as an example of bad behavior. But, if a panda says it,  “Hey! What’s the big deal.  He’s pretty smart for a panda!”

Being endangered means never having to say you’re sorry.

Be the Bear

Bob T. Panda

The real me!

2 thoughts on “30 days- 30 Pandas…day 2

  1. Miss Demure Restraint

    You will always be Bob T. Panda to me . . . unless, of course, I ever have expendable income again. Then I’ll take a ferry ride to visit an art studio I’ve hear of. In the meantime . . . Be the bear!

    The real you is simply adorable.


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