Wunderful Wu’sday!

I just can’t resist!  Wu is the perfect panda child…precocious, plump, and poofy! (not to mention immanently cuddlable!)

After his brilliant debut a few weeks ago, and the discovery of his newfound talent for choreography, it was high time Mr. Wu gave a press conference, wouldn’t you think?

Thank you all for coming! Buy my book here!

Thank you all for coming! Buy my book here!

We expect great things from Mr. Wu! And for those of you who have become addicted to Mr. wu’s appearances here, never fear!  As long as Mr. Wu continues to be cute (and, like, is THAT ever going to stop?  I don’t think so,) we will bring his antics to you here, at The Panda Chronicles!

Stay tuned on Friday, when we reveal secret HISTORICAL panda photos!

Be the Bear

Bob T. Panda

4 thoughts on “Wunderful Wu’sday!

  1. Norma Cooper

    Wu. Wu. Wu. Wu. Wu. Wu. Wu. Wu. Wu. Wu. Wu. Wu. Wu. Wu. Wu. Wu. Wu. Wu.
    And the Wu chant by the Panda Kindergarten goes on. What did you expect when you let the future reporters class ask the questions and bring in guests with them? Their guests were Wu fans too & also from the same kindergarten class. (I shake my head slowly in disbelief.)

  2. PandaPower

    I am extremely frustrated. Whenever I try to watch the SD Zoo panda cam, the extreme adorableness is so over powering, it freezes my computer. 🙁 Darn modern technology, at least I can still come to get my daily update of the panda chronicles!

    1. Bob T Panda

      We do try to provide an alternative service to those who need to keep up with pandas. (of course we can’t be relied upon to be COMPLETELY truthful, but hey! the price is right.) If you are on facebook, Doxiemom Pandamonium post wonderful compilation videos of Mr. Wu on the Pandafandom-Worldwide group page.
      Of course if it is the cuteness that is making your computer freeze up, you might as well just stay here and read all the cartoons!


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