That’s the name of my new organization. It stands for the “Woodland Park Zoo: Project Panda.” (Every organization, first and foremost, needs an acronym that can be pronounced in a snappy and memorable way. This did not work out quite so well for the Washington Public Power Supply, but hey, we can’t all be pandas, ya know.) I will stop at nothing in my quest to bring pandas to the NorthWest, except of course at emptying my own bank account, which quite frankly, wouldn’t be enough to feed a couple of pandas for a month. So, if there are any millionaires out there reading this, or if YOU know a millionaire, alert them to the mission of WOOZPPAH! and ask them to get in touch with the Seattle Woodland Park Zoo and say, ” We want Pandas here in Seattle, and here is a great big bag of money to help make it happen.”
We pandas have a saying: Someone’s always got more bamboo than you. I’m not quite sure what that means, but I’m passing it along all the same.
Panda On!
Bob T. Panda

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