Have a Pandy little Christmas..or all I want…

Those of you who are following my comings and goings on InYourFaceBook, may have heard of my recent announcement. I have a cunning plan. I think that there should be pandas in the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle WA. Those who follow the zoonooz, of pandas in particular, know that all the pandas in US zoos are in hot, humid climates. I mean what were they thinking? Would you want to live in Atlanta GA in a fur coat? I think not. I would like to start a grassroots campaign to bring pandas to Seattle. We would love it here! Misty gray skies, cool summers and the occaissional snowfall to play in. Write to your favorite billionaire and ask him or her to start oiling the wheels of progress and bring pandas to Seattle. It can’t hurt to ask, right?
Panda On, and have a pandy little Christmas!
Bob T. Panda

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