“Tis the Season

When I say it’s the season, I am actually referring to my birthday season, not the impending Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christamas shopping debacle.
I invented the birthday season when I was in college, to accommodate get-togethers with friends at different schools, and it just grew from there. Eventually, it evolved to a one day per year ratio, so that when I turned 25, my birthday season was 25 days long. Now the season is, well, let’s just say that it is longer than one month, but not yet two months. It doesn’t mean that there is a party everyday or that I get presents every day (though THAT is not a bad idea), it’s more of a festive feel to the days. Oh, and I never have to say “no” to cake.
Season’s greeting to all!
Panda on!
Miz “B”

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