What is the Collective Noun for Zebras?

I found several names, the first being a dazzle, but I also found they can be called a zeal! I love alliterations, so a zeal of zebras hits me just right!

A group of pandas, of course, is an embarrassment. No, I mean that’s what a group of pandas is called. I mean, pandas can be embarrassing! I mean have you seem them eat? Before you know it, their tummies are covered in bamboo pieces, or cookie crumbs, or frosting…

Some Pandas are embarrassing even when they’re NOT in a group!

We have a zeal for zebras!!!

Read on for some exciting NOOZ!!!!

Yeas! It’s true! Book 9 of the Panda Chronicles is right around the corner!!! I’ve been working on it, procrastinating, working a bit more, some more procrastination, interspersed with some new technology frustration, but it is finally DONE!!!!

Proofs have been ordered, and should arrive by early next week, so as soon as I make sure they put in the pages in the right order and right directions, I can push the old publish button, and BOB’S YOUR UNCLE!!!

And now, a little cover reveal, just for you to see first!

Pretty exciting, Huh?

Stay ‘tooned!

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

8 thoughts on “What is the Collective Noun for Zebras?

  1. Jo Ann Alberts

    Ooh, I love the cover for Book 9 and the alliteration of “ZZ”s for the new toon! I’m really looking forward to the book! ❤️🐼

  2. bankypig

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy……a NEW panda book AND better yet..I CAN MAKE COMMENTS ON THIS PAGE AGAIN! Hooray for me! I have had so many comments stored in my head about various Panda ‘toons and could not post them here until today. Now….if only I could dig those comments out of my aging brain! I do love your books. I read them I re-read them and I laugh every time. They helped get me thru 4 L-O-N-G years!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Thank you for this comment. All through the last several (5) years, I’ve always felt like I should be doing more. It’s nice to be reminded that I AM doing something to help. Art and humor are more crucial than ever! Thanks for the reminder that I am not just a useless drain on society. (Actually, there was a study done in my county and artists contribute a HUGE amount to the local economy, and I can only imagine that this is true all over the country.)


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