What Do You Have To Lose?

We’ve been hearing this phrase quite often lately: What do you have to lose? Throughout my life, I’ve experienced ups and downs, good times and bad. But as a white, middle class American who has had the privilege of a good education, I know that even in hard times, those times were not as hard as they could have been. As a female in America, I also know that I have had to work harder for the things I have than males in the same circumstances.

The world is a scary place these days. I get that. But I think it can be made less scary by trying to work together, rather than trying to drive people apart. Ask yourself, based on what you actually see and hear directly from the candidates, as opposed to what “some people are saying,” which candidate will lead the country to a better place. We are not going to agree what that better place is unilaterally. But I’m holding out hope for a kinder world. One where our leader does not discriminate, belittle, or mock those who are different or disadvantaged.

Could we just take a deep breath and embrace our inner panda?

what do you have to lose?

Mittens is really back.

Nah…I didn’t think so either.

Stay tuned for our next episode, when we learn that Bubba has a cunning plan! Pinky has taught him well!

Be the Bear,

Bob T Panda

12 thoughts on “What Do You Have To Lose?

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Um…yeah. I know the name “Bob” throws off a lot of people. heh! Bears just want to have fun, you know. :oD
      and yes, pandas unite us. Or untie us. Whatebber.

  1. Vicky V

    What do you have to lose? Self Respect? So funny 🙂
    And I love Mehitabel calling Mittens’ tail short.
    Can’t wait to see what Bubba does!

  2. Gina Koo

    I’m starting to believe that Mehitabel had a little too much panda influence. I mean, don’t cats usually stick together regardless? Then again, Mittens isn’t exactly your typical cat.
    Bubba has a cunning plan?! Does Mama know?? I’m predicting a lot of bootinis in Mei’s future.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Mehitabel has standards! She wouldn’t support another cat just because they were a cat. While she has put up with a lot from the paws of pandas, she knows what’s what and who has her best interests at heart.

  3. sweetg

    “People are saying” that a certain candidate has two male offspring who enjoy hunting & killing beautiful animals in Africa, and while these animals in question are at this time not illegal to kill, said offspring seemed to delight in having their picture taken holding up their trophies and smiling for the camera. This is true – you can google this. I certainly don’t want anyone in this family living a short 4 miles from SNZ and our beloved panda family. On the other hand, if we had someone living in the oval habitat with a magic wand . . . well, just sayin’.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      That is only one of the reprehensible attributes of this family. I have seen those photos and like you, was shocked and horrified. I certainly hope they will not have access to the White House, our pandas, or much of anything else.


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