Well, if a DOG can write an autobiography….

…why can’t a cartoon panda?  Why indeed. I ask you?  I just read in Publisher’s Lunch that Uggie, the star of the movie The Artist, is writing his autobiography.  I imagine he’s getting some help with the typing.  I mean, Jack Russell Terriers are smart, but they’re not that smart.  Well, you may remember that I HAVE written my autobiography already! surely you remember my great literary masterpiece, Black and White Like Me ?

More literature of the panda!

Wouldn’t you rather read about me than a dog…even if he is a movie star?

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda

PS: We did NOT win the Mega Million Lottery this weekend.  There goes my dream of a giant cuppycake warehouse to help feed hungry pandas. Sigh….

6 thoughts on “Well, if a DOG can write an autobiography….

  1. Linda McCoy

    I think it’s called literary license..or fibbing…one of those. I didn’t win the lottery either..maybe because I’m too cheap to buy a ticket.

    1. Bob T Panda

      Oh maybe THAT was why I didn’t win…I didn’t buy a ticket either.
      And yes, Bob’s “autobiography” makes use of a great deal of literary license. Pandas! gotta love ’em.

  2. Chief Milkmaid

    What?!? Bob is a CARTOON panda? Say it isn’t so… I thought Bob was the one only true panda I would get to meet up close. I thought this was just a cartoon about Bob’s real life adventures. *sniff* dreams are shattered all across the world as snippets of truth dash hopes on the cold hard rocky shores of life.
    At least I will still have my comic book to hold tight… won’t I?


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