This is one of those posts…..

…where I congratulate myself for how many people came and visited The Panda Chronicles yesterday.  614 of you thought we were worth visiting.  Either that, or something went wrong with 614 different computers and you were inexplicably sent to this site.  Well, however you got here, I hope you’ll keep coming back and invite your friends to come too.  After all, everyone loves pandas.

bob for pres

Vote the Panda Party!


Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda

4 thoughts on “This is one of those posts…..

  1. Jaow Totoro

    Nothing wrong with 614 computers, I swear! Cos I’m one of those number who visit this page and subscribed this site ^^

    Be the Bear 🙂

    1. Bob T Panda

      Oh you are SO the bear! Thank you for being one of the “panda faithful.” As you know, nothing is more fun than a panda (unless it’s the entire panda kindergarten!) Huzzah!


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