The Panda Chronicles Predicts the Nooz Again!

So, my post on Thursday dealt with zoo keepers at a Czech zoo giving their chimpanzees access to Zoom so that they wouldn’t feel so lonely during the pandemic shut down. And then THIS happens! Do we think that there was a diabolical plot hatched between the Czech Chimps and these Barbary apes in Germany? And what about these monkeys in Cincinnati???

I don’t know about you, but this seems awfully suspicious to me! Therefore, today’s ‘toon round up is all about wild animals behaving…um…badly! (mebbee!)

The secret lives of the wild panda!
What goes around, comes around.
You just can’t trust crocodiles.
Ooooooo-oooo-oooo-we have food tonight…
Here kitty kitty…nice kitty…
“We just want to talk!”

Panda on!
Bob T Panda

2 thoughts on “The Panda Chronicles Predicts the Nooz Again!

  1. bankypig

    I love it when Unka Bob gets so excited about the news stories! Karma is a bitch at times but it certainly also is a pay-back! (and the lions on neighborhood watch is a “good thing’ for sure! More places could use them!)

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Bob is always excited when meanie hunters get their comeuppance! There is more karma in store this week, this time it’s a dream sequence, but Princess Pinky is going to get a view of a different reality!


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