Technology hates me

Still finding work arounds for all my technical difficulties. I just updated my operating system and now my scanner doesn’t want to work. Uh oh. I am getting the “offline” notice again, which is always encouraging. (not)

Anyway, fortunately I have this week and next week’s ‘toons scanned so I have a bit of time to figure this out!

Here’s today’s ‘toon!

The idiocy of the GOP never ceases to amaze me.

Meanwhile, I am reading about Minch McTurtle’s feud with corporations. I guess it’s okay to take money from them, as long as they don’t contradict you? IDK.

Till later,
Call the Panda Kindergarten tech team!

Bob T Panda
(being da bear!)

2 thoughts on “Technology hates me

  1. bankypig

    Unfortunately there is no vaccine for stupidity! And even if there were one there’s no way the supply would be large enough to inoculate a group that large.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Very sad, but very true. I can not bear to hear the hypocritical pronouncements coming from Lindsay or Minch’s mouths. So. Much. Pearl. Clutching!


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