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If I had a Panda, I’d Panda in the Mo-or-or-ning, I’d Panda in the Evening…

So, now that the panda revolution had begun, friends started giving me several things. One was stuffed pandas and anything related to pandas. The other was articles about pandas who attacked people.  One article was about a man who was so overwhelmed by the pandas cuteness, he had to climb the fence to hug him. Bad idea.  so of course, I thought to myself: “Hmmm… now if I were a panda that had just attacked someone who had tried to hug me, what would I do?   Go on a talk show, of course!”


And then of course, there would have to be protest marches in support of Bob.

and OF COURSE, after Bob got out of prison, he would sing about his unjust imprisonment in a coffee house!

Be the Bear!

Bob T Panda