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One last outfit for Babette!

I hope you all had as much fun taking these pictures of Babette as she trotted around the globe these last few weeks, as I did looking at them.  Sometimes I laughed so loud I scared Mehitabel!  I could swear that she (Babette) had different expressions on her face depending on where she was and what she was doing.  But that’s not possible….is it?

Anyway, despite the fact she has been behaving like a jet setting panda these last few weeks, let us not forget that she has a very serious mission in life, and that is as founder and director for the Hospital for Indigent Pandas, located in Greenbank, WA.  The hospital also hosts the Stuffy Panda Rescue Foundation, which is headquartered in Langley, WA.

So here is her nurse’s outfit, which is a replication of the outfit the the actual Babette de Panda wore when taking care of her good friend Victory!

And remember, Virginia, there IS a “Babette de Panda“!  Next week, we will announce the winners of the first ever “Where in the world is Babette de Panda?” photo contest!  stay tuned!

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Bob T. Panda

Tomorrow: The Panda Kindergarten celebrates New Year’s Eve!