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Announcing the World’s FIRST PandaRama!

The pandarama

As if I don’t have enough to do, today I invented the world’s first Pandarama!  Why?  I say, why not? After all, what could be better than multiple layers of pandas in the round, as it were?  This impressive bit of cutting and pasting was actually inspired by a real art historical phenomenon. I am of course speaking of Mesdag’s Panorama, which still exists in the Hague in Holland.  Mesdag was a late 19th century painter with enough family money to have a lovely little mansion in the Hague which is now a jewel box of a museum.  He got this idea to make a giant painting in the round, of the seashore, and got a bunch of his artist pals to join him in painting this big circular painting in a building where it still resides today. On walking up the stairs, you find yourself in a large circular room, and you are at the beach!  There is sand and everything.

I don’t know that I will make a pandarama that you can walk into, but I will make more. It’s just way too fun.

Be the Bear!

Close-upof the Pandarama