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The Last of the Holiday Theme Posts, or It isn’t Christmas without the Nutcracker

Well, I have to admit that my pulse races a little when I hear music from the Nutcracker ballet at christmas time, and apparently the panda kindergarten class is similarly inspired.  Coincidently, it is the third anniversary of my pandapiphany, when I first renewed my commitment to pandas.  The pandas were quietly and patiently biding their time, until I remembered their existence.  They came along at just the right time to renew my spirits. I am reminded of a popular song from the 70’s, paraphrased (or massacred, depending on your point of view):


When I find myself in times of trouble

Many pandas come to me,

Speaking words of whimsey,

Play with me, play with me.

Panda on,

the narrator

And a Pandy New Year!

Bob T Panda