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Breakfast with Pandas!

What could be more fun than breakfast with pandas? Of course, they’ll try to take your food, and they are kind of…um…messy eaters, so….join them at your own risk. But what’s life for, if not to throw caution to the wind, and have that second (or third!!!)plate of pan(da)cakes?

Set us up another round!

Did I just spill something on my new outfit?

Panda on and don’t spare the maple syrup!
Bob T Panda

UPDATE: I really did just return from my visit to the Canadian Pandas! I’m getting caught up on answering/approving comments, and send the ‘toons that went live while I was gone, out into the world. Of course, if you subscribed to The Panda Chronicles, you would get it in your email inbox 3 times a week, without having to look elsewhere for it.  But hey! It’s your choice!.