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Panda History: More about the Nixon Pandas

It’s true.  Sometimes I just can’t help being just the tiniest bit silly (As if you hadn’t noticed) but I crack myself up whenever I call Ling Ling and Tsing Tsing “the Nixon Pandas.”  It’s really not my fault.  In The Way of the Panda, that’s how writer Henry Nicholls refers to them  in the chapter about panda diplomacy.  Sometimes I really am NOT making things up.  (but only rarely)  Anyway, there have been several stories and articles floating around the internet about the 40th anniversary of Ling Ling and Tsing Tsing arriving in Washington D.C.

I hereby give you my version of the panda historical events 40 years ago this week.

I am only making some of this up. copyright 2012 -A. Belov

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda

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