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Hey! How about another Roll of Honor post?

roll of honor logo

Since there is nothing that I like to do more than play around with pandas, I thought I would make excellent use of my time and design a logo for my roll of honor posts.  As you know ( or are about to be informed if you’ve just tuned in to the Panda Chronicles), I award the Roll of Honor to people that I feel have made a contribution to the field of Panda Satire.  These awards are highly subjective and have no cash value (sorry) but you can sleep well at night knowing that YOU have aided me in my quest to make “Panda Satire” a household word.

Today’s Roll of Honor winner is the person who really started my quest for world panda satire domination.  I can’t believe it took me this long to recognize him for his unwitting contribution to panda satire, but hey, what’s time to a panda?  (Yes, I know I already used that line, but there is no joke that I won’t beat into the ground, given half a chance.)  Will James Fallows come on down and claim his award?

Ok, I know you are all sitting there, grumbling and whispering to one another, “Isn’t  he, like, a serious journalist?  Doesn’t he write for the Atlantic Monthly and other serious publications?”  Yes and yes, but one of his serious articles for the A.M. was about one of the panda ranches in China (the Wolong Reserve, I believe).  This article started me on my road to panda-holism. There. So now you know whose fault this whole thing is.

Congratulations, and thanks, Mr. Fallows.

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda

What Once was Old is New Again

If you think that this is my sleazy attempt to foist off a bunch of old cartoons as new material, well you just might be right.  However, we have  recently acquired some new fans, who may not have had the patience to delve through all the old material to learn about the history of pandas. Or at least the history of pandas as represented by the Institute for Contemporary Panda Satire.  So, while you explore the road to my pandapiphany, I will have a little time to work on some new cartoons.  Pretty neat, Huh?

It all started innocently enough.  I was reading the Atlantic Monthly magazine, and there was an article by James Fallows, who, at the time, was on a long term assignment to China.  This part is absolutely true.  He wrote an article about the research and breeding programs in China, and the article included pictures of many panda toddlers, doing adorable things like standing on their back legs and smiling at their attendants as they searched their pockets for treats.  I was intrigued.  Then, I happened (!) on youtube videos of little pandas playing in their playgrounds.  Uh oh…. I was hooked.

Meanwhile, my cat Mehitabel was starting to get annoyed.

But there was no turning back.


We’ll return with further installment of the “Pandadelphia Story” in a day or two!

Be the Bear!