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Welcome to 2013!

There has been nothing but wailing and gnashing of teeth over the whole fiscal cliff thingie, all over the radio and I suppose television, if I watched it, that is, which I don’t.  Too much running around chicken little the sky is falling and all of that. It’s one thing to have the panda kindergarten running around, but people in suits?  No thank you.

Anyway, to start the year off right, here’s Bob (failed presidential candidate) to tell us a simple solution to all our fiscal woes!

Hey!  I know what would help!  Buy my book!

Hey! I know what would help! Buy my book!

Doesn’t that just make a whole lot of sense?  I mean, taking into consideration that it’s coming from a panda, I mean.

By the Way, I’m going to claim that I was successful in my project of 31 days of pandas, even though as my dear brother KINDLY (not) pointed out,  I skipped a day. If you look at last year’s 30 days of pandas that took place in November, where I did ONE drawing that added ONE panda each day, and compare it to this year where I did 30 new complete drawings (some of which are multi panel full story cartoons) which contained an average of 4.19 pandas a day over the 31 day period (for a total of approximately 131 pandas) I have increased my production by over 100 pandas over the same period last year.  And that doesn’t count appearances by Mehitabel.  So there.

My plan (at least for now) is to post a new cartoon twice a week, on Monday and Wednesday of each week.  I will run a “classic cartoon” on Friday, so if you have a favorite to request, just send it in a comment.  I’ve been getting some requests for guest posts here and there, plus my regular new gig blogging at Whidbey Life Magazine, an online arts and culture newsletter here on Whidbey Island. Email subscriptions to WLM are free, and there are great posts from our fearless editor Patricia Duff, as well as noted cheese-ist Farmer Vicky Brown and musicians, writers, theater folk, and who knows what all.

That’s all for now!

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda