Procrastination is a many splendored thing…..

Hey, remember oh, a month or so (or so…) ago and TheRubbe gave me the versatile blogger award….well, I did part of the required dealy-bobs you have to do, thank the giver of the award, tell 7 things about yourself that the bloggosphere doesn’t know, and then pass the award on to 7 more people.  Well, I kept putting off granting the award to more people, which, like my usual response to chain letters, drops it dead in it’s tracks. Part of my procrastination had to do with I wasn’t sure if there were 7 blogs that I follow, and then there is all the technical stuff of looking up their addresses and putting them on the blog and contacting them and blah blah blah.

Not nearly so much entertainment as playing with the panda kindergarten.  But fulfilling these duties is part of that which makes the blog world go round.  Some of the things I like about this place is that:

1. People accept me as a cartoon panda. (HA HA!)

2. I’ve connected with people who are cartoonists or writers or just interesting and those connections feel real, not virtual.  Maybe that is an illusion, but it is a comforting one, nonetheless!

3.  I have insinuated the word “cuppycakes” into common usage.

Is that cool or what
So, Here is my list of blogs that I recommend, with perhaps a short note about why I like them.


The Traveling Writer : great advice about creative work.

The Ugly Moose:  Because it’s funny, and who wouldn’t love this name?

Ashley Jillian

Stowaway Train

Pretty Feet Pop Toe: because London isn’t all about the BBC and people with cool accents.

Just Outside the Box Cartoon:  Cartoons! Huzzah!

Kitty Blogger:  who doesn’t love cute pictures and cartoons of cats?

The Daily Misfortune:  Short, to the point, and cynical as hell.


And of course, a few pandas to get you through the night:

panda on rocking horse Be the Bear!

Bob T. (I’ll get to it, quit nagging) Panda





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