Pinky’s Snow Day, Part the First

Oh my, our most favorite panda princess has been all over the news, both in the US, but also in Canada, via a youtube video from The Smithsonian. A columnist in the Washingtonian dared to dis the snow covered panda, to the wrath of panda fans everywhere.  How dare he say those things about Pinky!

I would never make fun of pandas like that.

I would do it like this:

And it was ever thus....

And it was ever thus….

Stay tuned for more snowy-day fun on Wednesday!

Be the Bear,
Bob T. Panda

14 thoughts on “Pinky’s Snow Day, Part the First

  1. Vicky V

    That article was so bad – if you could call it an article. But the comments made up for it 🙂
    I adore Pinky in her little snow outfit!!
    Can’t wait for more of Pinky’s snow adventures.

  2. Teresa

    Loving Pinky snowy clothes, it seems so warm, even with gloves!! Loving also momme’s face dressing her.. oh, Bob T. we want all ’bout Pinky all the time!!!

  3. Karen G

    This is hilarious! Reminds me of my childhood – same thing happened all the time. Love Pinky’s new outfit – especially the boots.
    P.S.: My respect for the Washingtonian has dropped several rungs. What a stupid thing to say about a baby panda playing in her first snow. They obviously need to do research first. Mei Xiang loves to “sled” down the hill on her stomach when it snows.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I think the “couldn’t you have thought of that before you got dressed” thing is quite universal. Must be why it popped into my mind.
      As for the columnist who wrote the defamatory article about Pinky, he really should have known better. If he HAD done his research, he would have known that Pinky’s fans are legion and fiercely dedicated to her royal self.

  4. ann feldman

    So funny! Is anyone here old enough to remember “leggings”? Not the stretchy kind that they have today but those horrid heavy woolen things like jodphurs with the zippers at the ankle? UGH!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I know! He should really have known better. I mean, if he’d even been to the zoo once and seen how loyal Bao Bao’s fan’s are….
      Every time I look at Pinky in her snowsuit, I go all schmoopy over her. She really is cute. Meihem tomorrow, ha ha!


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