Pandas, yes, but not Bob, maybe…

Here’s one more project that I did at the illustrator retreat. This time, Sergio gave us five lines of a story, and we had to do a short, five panel story using his text, and our ideas for characters. Here it is, in all it’s ink smudged glory, and hey! There’s a panda!

Bob and the magic slipper....

Bob and the magic slipper….

Sergio didn’t like my ending and questioned how i knew the slipper was magic. I thought the little “magic lines” in panel three were obvious, as well as the unpredictable nature of what can happen when you put on magic slippers. It’s not always a prince charming kind of deal.  Oh well, you can’t please everyone. :o)

Be the Bear
Bob T. Panda

4 thoughts on “Pandas, yes, but not Bob, maybe…

  1. Vicky V

    As soon as I saw the slipper with the “magic radiating out lines” in panel three I thought of Cinderella. Then I thought “that slipper won’t fit Bob’s paw!”


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