6 thoughts on “Pandarella Episode14

  1. Melissa Suzanne Fisher

    Lol. She’s on probation. I wonder what kind of bootini she is drinking? So happy and relieved for Bikkie that he has not one but two fairy Godmothers on his side now and against the side of ebil.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I think it’s her own recipe! *might* double as paint remover. *may* be magical.
      Stay ‘tooned!

  2. Jeannie Meyer

    So Bikkie takes a sip of SMF’s magic elixir and turns into…
    A handsome prince? A dinosaur? A carnivorous red panda?

  3. June H.

    I’m sure Bikkie will have a great time at Pandapalooza and I hope that Sister Mary Fluffy and PPJ will make sure he wins Cubbie of da Year (fingers crossed)!


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