Oh yes, it IS Mr Wu Wednesday!

Would we even consider getting out of bed on Wednesdays, were it not for Mr. Wu?  We would not! Who would think that such a small panda could capture so many hearts?  Heck, I’d kiss him if his mother was nowhere around. While at the panda convention, which took place on Mr Wu’s home turf, the San Diego Zoo, one of the panda staff suggested that Yun Zi, Mr Wu’s resident big brother, is your typical teenager.  Another of our pandateers suggested that perhaps he would ride a skateboard and have an affinity for video games.  At least he doesn’t wear his pants hanging down.

Oh, wait.  he doesn’t wear pants…he’s a panda.

It is so hard for a small panda to prevail....

It is so hard for a small panda to prevail….

Hey!  It’s still launch week!  Do you have your copy of The Panda Chronicles Book 2:Wheel…of…Pandas! yet?

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda

I wanted to send out a quick thank you to all of you who have written a review on Amazon!  I blush to read them (are they really talking about MOI???) Heck!  they’d inspire me to buy these books!  Thanks to you all for reading my cartoons, liking my cartoons and being the bears!  Huzzah!  And if you haven’t written a (favorable) review yet on Amazon, what the heck are you waiting for –  the panda kindergarten to come to your house and …um…”touch” your stuff?

4 thoughts on “Oh yes, it IS Mr Wu Wednesday!

    1. Bob T Panda

      🙂 “After all the leaping and biting that I have endured from my darling cubbies over the years, a girl NEEDS a spa day, don’t you think?”
      Bai Yun ;San Diego Zoo

  1. Norma Cooper

    TOUCH OUR STUFF ? ? ? All of our stuff ? It is a frightening thought having the KINDY TOUCH ANYTHING ! Keep your eyes open, and peeled for the KINDY, YOU KNOW HOW they can be. Don’t get us wrong, we love the KINDY, but there is just so much we can watch out for. Love grammie.


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