Oh no, not again….

For all those who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of The Panda Chronicles Book 1: Your Brain on Pandas in your mailbox, we’ve had another slight setback. Those who are following along on my Kickstarter project may remember that when I got my proof copy of the book, all the left-hand pages were printed sideways.  So I spent some time on the phone with a helpful person who said they could fix the problem, not my fault and all that, and they would send me another proof.

So they did, and guess what? The left-hand pages of THIS book were printed sideways.


Back to the phones once again.  I really hope that they can fix it this time….I am one unhappy bear.  And now, here’s one of my adventures from:


so what’s the big deal…

…about punctuation?

Waiting, waiting, waiting……

Be the bear!

Bob T. Panda



4 thoughts on “Oh no, not again….

    1. Bob T Panda

      I’m sure that at least part of the problem is the square format. :o} just another reason not to do that, (although it looks so darn cute in a square. They have been very pleasant and now I think it has gone to a further level of troubleshooting, which is not costing me anything since it was their error. Of course maybe they are hoping I will go for one of their “paid” services….probably not going to happen. :o) I’m sure it will all come out fine in the end, but the delay is frustrating.


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