Oh Boy! Two new inductees to the Roll of Honor! And Cuppycakes!

We are pleased to announce *2* new inductees to the Roll of Honor!  First, we would like to welcome Sue Frause, in the catagory of “Random Acts of Cuppycakes,”  for leaving a little package of cuppycakes on her doorknob before she went off on her errands.  Was that cool or what?   There she was on Fez Book talking about Farmer Bob making cuppycakes for her birthday, and I comment that I’ll be right over.  So, she writes back that she’ll leave some on the porch for me!  This is the very definition of awesome. And to top it off, she mentioned me ( Bob T. Panda) in her Seattle P.I. Blog, because after all, if you are talking about cuppycakes, you are talking about me!  So welcome to the Roll of Honor, Sue!  (Good cuppycakes, by the way!)

Our second lucky Roll of Honor inductee is Nina Laden, children’s author and illustrator extraordinaire,  for the wonderful panda earrings she made for me out of something called shrink film.  The little pandas are sitting and holding a pencil that is almost as big as the panda.  I’ll take a picture and post it.  They are really the cutest thing.  I can’t wait to wear them.  (They will look really good against my black ear fur!)  Opening the package totally made my day.  By the way, the reason I was so fortunate to receive this fabulous gift, was a little challenge that Nina was passing along, where the first 5 people who commented on this post from Nina (on Fez Book) would receive something from Nina, made by hand.  It is a little like a chain letter, as Nina said in the note that accompanied my earrings, but with the MAJOR difference that the recipients self-select themselves, as opposed to some %@@!#$$&* chain letter that you have no interest in perpetuating.  Also, then you get something cool and special made by hand (or by paw, in my case).  By the way, if you ever send me an actual chain letter, I will be the one that breaks the chain.  (Oh god, does this mean that the economic meltdown is ALL MY FAULT????)  Anyway, I’m working on my “made by hand thing” but if you’re not already on the list, it’s too late now. Sorry.  I highly recommend this kind of activity.  Thank’s Nina.  You are the Bear!

Till next time, when the panda kindergarten begins “helping” Bob with his campaign,

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda

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